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Memorable quotes from a WRAP Tacoma gathering I attended on April 1, 2017:

Angela – When I found WRAP in 2012, I knew WRAP was a way I could bring recovery to my organization.

When you develop your WRAP, you start to embrace yourself.

Jennifer – WRAP keeps me well.

I recently formed the WRAP collaborative to bring WRAP to parts of Washington State that don’t have it, and maintain fidelity.

Karen – WRAP is on of the favorite classes at the Treatment Mall.

Harry Potter Emerges Super Start–Acronym for Hope, Personal Responsibility,
Education, Self Advocacy and Support

Larry – I don’t know if she knew how much she was changing how we treated visiting trainers. She requested a stool, and a few extra days to catch her breath when she arrived. The stool is still around the agency someplace.

Kathleen – WRAP is a conversation changer.

The part of WRAP I especially like-it encourages community, keeping people close to you. Transformative.

Michael – Uses WRAP App with Optum enrollees. 200 people in Pierce County are on employment rolls with Optum as peer supporters,

A lot of partners in the community chip in so we can bring WRAP into the community.

Rosemary –HUI-highly, unique individual. You have to have that hope, and praise is everything.