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When I entered mental health I was angry.. just filled with so much rage; mostly I found it was towards myself. A strange thing happened: I remembered the peace that overcame my presence at A.A. and then that same peaceful quiet calm feeling returned. Eventually I ended up trying to kill myself on 2 occasion. I was so Depressed. I had mood swings and then I was diagnosed as being Bi- polar. It took the System about 1-2 years to properly diagnose me; I was born with Epilepsy, Grand-Mal Seizures to be correct. In between the time it took to get my meds corrected, I was going to Anger Mngt, WRAP, and any class I can get to; just to understand myself better. I even tried an art class. Several years have gone by. It is now 2022. I am now happier. Haven’t tried to kill myself. I take part of life. I am currently COVID FREE, have had all vaccines and booster. I’ve even been in a relationship, since 2011. As a result of your indirect assistance I have a finished crocheted sweater, I made using no instructions.. (I don’t know how to read them). The board n care, where I reside has a garden around the building and the best part is that they allow me to have my garden along with theirs. The owner has even set up 2 raised beds that I currently have green onions growing and seeds planted in the other. I’m still fortunate because I am continually enhancing or increasing my coping skills. The best part is the excitement of others; garden, crochet; myself, knitting; my boyfriend.

I want to say Thank you to you. Yes, you! You were and are one of the many angels that have crossed my path. See I believe people tend to come into our lives when we need experience or just that… something. Now wether we stop listen and learn or not, is up to us. However I find in times of problem, if we don’t learn it the 1st time it comes around, it will keep smacking us upside the head until we do learn. So I am glad I have this opportunity to say, Thank you.


I am so, so grateful for your appreciation, and even more delighted to hear how very well you are doing. Your story is important. I will post it on my website. I am sure it will give hope to others who have had similar experiences in their lives. I wish you good things in all of your life. Be happy and healthy.