As you all know, WRAP is very important to me.  It has been my guide to living since it was first developed by peers at a seminar I was leading.  WRAP was developed in March of 1997.  That means that its 20th “birthday” is coming right up.  I am going to begin celebrating that important anniversary a few weeks early by taking the time to review my list of Wellness Tools, see if there are any that I have been neglecting, any that I might benefit from using more or less, and any new ones that I can add to my extensive list.  

You may wonder how my list of Wellness Tools got so long.  Over the years I have led hundreds of WRAP groups and workshops.  At every workshop or group I learned new Wellness Tools from the participants.  Any that I feel would work for me I would add to my list.  Now that I am retired I don’t lead so many groups.  That has limited my exposure to new Wellness Tools.  Now I find them in other places.  I get Wellness Tools from my supporters.  (I have kept my circle of support strong over time.  It is very important to me.)  I get them from magazines, newsletters and websites that I visit.  And sometimes I discover them as I am using other Wellness Tools.  For instance, if I am on a walk (a Wellness Tool), I notice how much I enjoy looking up into the tops of trees.  So I have discovered another Wellness Tool.  I can look into the tops of trees on my walks and looking out certain windows in my home.  And it gives me a life.  I will add daily meditation time and some cognitive exercises I am doing as well.  

I will also take the time to review the rest of my WRAP.  Perhaps, now that I am in my 70th decade I need to add some tools to my Daily Maintenance Plan.  I may have discovered some new Triggers and some new ways to respond to them, ways that are more in keeping with my age and new interests.  I will go over my Early Warning Signs.  I know those have changed and making changes in my WRAP on this section and the section, When Things are Breaking Down is overdue for me.  As always, I will review my Crisis and Post Crisis Plans as well.