I have dedicated the last 30 years of my life to learning from people who have mental health issues, the simple, safe, non-invasive ways that they get well, stay well and move forward in there lives, and then sharing  what I have learned with others through keynote addresses, trainings and the development of books, curriculums and other resources. Now that I am retired, and that, as I intended, others are continuing to share what I have learned, I want to continue to learn from those of you who have mental health issues and those of you who support us, and to, when appropriate, share that information.

WRAP and Recovery resources by Mary Ellen Copeland (Advocates for Human Potential)

Wellness Recovery Action Plan & peer support training, technical assistance and advocacy

Request for Input from Mary Ellen

I look forward to hearing from you, whatever you would like to share. Right now as I begin my retirement, I am thinking about how all of this work got started and the many, many people who have been involved in the creation of this work, in moving this work forward over the years, and who have used this work to make their lives the way they want them to be. This brings up lots of thought about the history of recovery and the Wellness Recovery Action Plan. If you can add to my memories on this, I would be delighted to hear from you.

Quotes From Tacoma Gathering

Memorable quotes from a WRAP Tacoma gathering I attended on April 1, 2017: Angela - When I found WRAP in 2012, I knew WRAP was a way I could bring recovery to my organization. When you develop your WRAP, you start to embrace yourself. Jennifer - WRAP keeps me well. I...

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Project Return – Peer Support Network

I, Joana Arcangel, am a peer with lived experience – meaning I identify with mental health recovery. At the Hacienda of Hope and through our organization, Project Return Peer Support Network, we utilize these experiences and focus on strength-building through a...

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WRAP Around The World

Join the Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery for the WRAP Around the World Conference in Sacramento, CA on June 5-7. This international grassroots conference brings together WRAP Facilitators, administrators from systems of care, and supporters who are looking...

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WRAP will be 20

As you all know, WRAP is very important to me.  It has been my guide to living since it was first developed by peers at a seminar I was leading.  WRAP was developed in March of 1997.  That means that its 20th "birthday" is coming right up.  I am going to begin...

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Dr. Copeland would like to hear from you!

Please send her your WRAP and recovery stories, ideas and even personal messages if you like.